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Greetings from the Golden State!

The California Chapter of ASCP is a great group of people. We have a monthly conference call on the 4th Thursday of each month. Members are encouraged to join this call and participate in these meetings. We also host a breakfast every year at the Annual ASCP Meeting and Exhibition. It is always great to get together and share our experiences with each other. I guarantee you will find us enjoyable and easy to get along with!

Jim Santa, Communications Chair, ASCP CA Chapter

2017-2018 CA Chapter conference calls will occur every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 12:00pm. Watch your email for call information!



Aida Oganesyan

Immediate Past President
Laura Elliott

Pam Gumbs

Clifford Young

Board of Directors
Jim Santa

Martha Pauli


Education Committee Chair

Communications/Newsletter Chair
Jim Santa

Membership Committee Chair

Policy & Advocacy Committee Chair
Lee Meyer

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CA - 2014 CDPH Antipsychotic Use Surveyor Tools

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
CMS Checklist: Review of Care and Services PDF (234.32 KB) Administration 8/27/2016
CDPH Antipsychotic Use Survey Tool - Supplemental PDF (101.09 KB) Administration 8/27/2016
CDPH L&C Antipsychotic Use Surveyor Tool - Revised PDF (84.27 KB) Administration 8/27/2016

CA - Newsletter

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2015 - February PDF (1.32 MB) Administration 8/27/2016
2014 - April PDF (2.95 MB) Administration 8/27/2016
2013 - August PDF (333.85 KB) Administration 8/27/2016
2015 - December PDF (18.11 MB) Administration 8/27/2016
2016 - Fall Newsletter PDF (462.06 KB) Administration 10/24/2016
2017 - UCSD Student Newsletter Winter 2017 PDF (1.33 MB) Administration 4/14/2017

CA - Conference Calls

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2014 - March 10 PDF (41.56 KB) Administration 8/27/2016
2014 - June 16 PDF (146.2 KB) Administration 8/27/2016
2014 - August 11 PDF (230.66 KB) Administration 8/27/2016
2014 - September 15 PDF (107.37 KB) Administration 8/27/2016
2015 - February 18 PDF (1.32 MB) Administration 8/27/2016
2017 - March Agenda PDF (24.32 KB) Administration 3/30/2017
2017 - December 12 Minutes PDF (15.53 KB) Administration 1/11/2018

CA - Meetings and Events

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Webinar Series Registration Link Administration 8/27/2016

CA - Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
California Department of Public Health: May 2012 PDF (364.31 KB)  more ] Administration 8/27/2016
CMS Antipsychotic Reduction Initiative [VIDEO] Link Administration 8/27/2016
Safe Use of Single Dose/Single Use Medications PDF (227.05 KB) Administration 8/27/2016
AGS Updated Beers Criteria Link  more ] Administration 8/27/2016
Learn more about the MUST™ Program Link Administration 8/27/2016
California Department of Public Health Link Administration 8/27/2016
Medicare Atypical Antipsychotic Drug Claims PDF (1.21 MB)  more ] Administration 8/27/2016
Nursing Homes – Clarification of Guidance PDF (258.15 KB)  more ] Administration 8/27/2016
Summary of Pharmacy Provider Bill SB 493 PDF (1.57 MB) Administration 8/27/2016
Chapter Officer Descriptions PDF (325.02 KB) Administration 6/14/2017
2017 Chapter Election Nominations Form PDF (420.67 KB) Administration 6/15/2017

CA - Social Media Links

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Facebook Page Link Administration 8/27/2016

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