Medication Safety During Transitions of Care

Our health care system often fails to meet the needs of patients during transitions of care. Patient care is rushed, responsibility is fragmented; data are unavailable, incomplete, and inoperable; and there is often little real communication among health care team members. Senior care pharmacists are uniquely qualified to significantly improve patient safety by providing medication management during care transitions.

Position Statement

The Society’s position statement, published in the October 2017 The Consultant Pharmacist is entitled “Pharmacist Role in Transitions of Care”. ASCP’s position advocates for an expanded role of the pharmacist who works with older adults and patients with multiple chronic conditions to provide medication management services during transitions of care. The statement cites the positive contributions pharmacists make that enhance medication safety and increase patient outcomes and satisfaction as patients transition between care settings.


Supplement to The Consultant Pharmacist

The October 2017 Supplement to The Consultant Pharmacist journal, is dedicated to “The Senior Care Pharmacist’s Role in Transitions of Care”. The supplement includes reprints of three select articles that particularly illustrate the positive impact pharmacists can have on improving medication safety during care transitions.



This Toolkit is designed for Senior Care Pharmacists in any practice setting and serves as a resource guide of available best-practice clinical and medical information for use during care transitions. It includes practical guidance to assist pharmacists as they navigate the complex reimbursement landscape.



“Medication Safety During Transitions of Care: A Toolkit for Senior Care Pharmacists”, was held on October 12, 2017 which provided an overview of the toolkit and oriented members on navigating to access this collection of available resources on clinical, billing and technology aspects related to medication safety for patients transitioning between care settings.


AM17 Sessions

“Real World Application of the Medication Safety During Transitions of Care Toolkit – Parts 1 and 2” was presented at ASCP’s 2017 Annual Meeting and Exhibition. The sessions provided a brief overview of the purpose and components of the MSTOC Toolkit and utilized a series of case studies following a single patient transitioning through multiple care settings to demonstrate the clinical and practical value of the toolkit.

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