2017-2018 Leadership Groups

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile”

Albert Einstein

This quote encapsulates reasons to volunteer, and we appreciate your willingness to serve on a council, committee or task force for 2017-2018.

This year, ASCP sought volunteers for the following committees and councils:

  • Professional Affairs: This committee, which consists of several subcommittees are created to be "Advisory Boards" to ASCP and its members. This means not only will the committee work with key staff to evaluate existing products but also assist in the development of new programs and innovative business opportunities for members.
    • Antibiotic Stewardship Think Tank
    • Pharmacy Management Task Force
    • Medication Safety & Transitions in Care Work Group
    • Health IT Work Group
    • Consultant Pharmacist Work Group
  • Government Affairs Committee (GAC): Gary Schoettmer, Chair. The Government Affairs Committee works closely with the Policy & Advocacy, Government Affairs department to develop ASCP's legislative priorities and communications both on a national and state level. This committee is instrumental in being the "eyes and ears" on the state and national level to keep all members apprised of political issues.
  • DEA Task Force: Gary Schoettmer, Chair. The DEA Task Force is charged with monitoring proposed changes in DEA regulations that affect long-term care pharmacy practice. The task force will develop strategies to work with the DEA and other stakeholder groups to ensure ASCP's voice is heard and considered by the DEA. The task force will make suggestions to the Board of Directors for policy statements as needed.
  • Educational Affairs: Michael Brodeur, Chair. The members of this group are responsible for developing the educational offerings for all ASCP national meetings. The EAC will draft programmatic themes, session descriptions, learning objectives, and identify potential speakers. The EAC works collaboratively with the ASCP Educational Affairs Department staff.
    • Educational Affairs Committee (EAC)
    • Pharmacy Education and Research Committee
  • Pharmacy Educators and Research Council: Professional Affairs: Kristin S. Meyer, Chair. This is a standing leadership group that is tasked with assisting leadership and the Education Advisory Council with professional development programming and acts as a resource for education development. Email dialogues and conference calls are also expected for this group's deliberations.
  • Organizational Affairs:
    • Membership Development Committee
    • Nominations Committee

It is important to note that newly appointed committee members are strongly encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting in Kissimmee, FL November 3-5th to meet in-person with their assigned committee. In addition to this responsibility, it is estimated committee members will be asked to participate in at least quarterly meetings via videoconferencing (some meet monthly), and actively participate in email and listserv activities.

To volunteer for a committee or Work Group click here.

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