Sponsor a Student

Students are the future of senior care pharmacy! 

Due to the success of last year's Sponsor a Student Program, we will once again run the program with the goal of waiving meeting registrations for students who have chosen to attend the 2014 ASCP Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Each gift of $99 will sponsor one student’s meeting registration fee. Sponsors will be recognized in the 2014 Annual Meeting Program Guide for their support. Students should apply before September 12, 2014. Students will be notified at the beginning of October.

Deadline: September 12, 2014.

We asked students who applied for a 2013 Annual Meeting scholarship to tell us one of their goals for attending. Here are some of their responses:

“I hope to be able to apply knowledge from the ASCP National Meeting in my rotations, working with older individuals in the community pharmacy, hospital setting, and ambulatory care clinics. I would like to be better able to recommend alternatives for potentially inappropriate medications.”

“I plan to network with leaders in geriatric pharmacy in order to learn how I can better myself as a student pharmacist as I transition from student to pharmacist. This will include networking with other pharmacy students, geriatric pharmacists, and potential employers. I plan to work as a consultant pharmacist when I graduate in May of 2014 and feel that my involvement with ASCP will be crucial to becoming a successful consultant pharmacist."

“I hope to learn where the future of consultant pharmacy is going. With the new healthcare reform and new technologies I want to learn about how things will be done differently in the future and how I can prepare for them because I will enter the field in two years as a pharmacist. I also do not have much contact with pharmacy students in other parts of the country so I am very interested in talking to other students about their programs and how the practice of pharmacy is where they are from."

“After attending the 2013 ASCP National Meeting, I hope to come away with a better understanding as to how I, as a soon-to-be PharmD, can make an impact on the lives of older adults through medication management and promoting healthy aging in any practice setting."

“I hope to get a better understanding of geriatrics and consultant pharmacy by seeing a bigger picture that will be created by the knowledge and stories of pharmacists and students from all over the country."

“One goal that I plan on obtaining after the ASCP National Meeting would be to gain the network and tools needed to become a successful consultant pharmacist after graduation. Time in the field will help create experience, but gaining a great backbone to the field through networking will help optimize my knowledge of pharmacy and help older patients to the highest standard."

“I hope to gain more insight into the world of consultant pharmacists and how to improve quality of life for older adults so that I can proudly provide excellent care for my future patients."