Top 10 ASCP Membership Benefits

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ASCP is acknowledged as the leading organization for pharmacists who provide drug therapy management services and medication distribution to older adults and others with chronic illness. ASCP is home to professionals recognized and valued for their role in improving quality of care and quality of life for America’s seniors wherever they reside. What do you get as an ASCP member? Here is a list of ASCP's top membership benefits:

1.    The Consultant Pharmacist

The monthly peer-reviewed journal of ASCP is dedicated exclusively to the medication needs of the elderly in all settings, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospice, ambulatory care and within local communities.

2.    Practice Resources

With the health and safety of millions of older people on the line, the need for a comprehensive, reliable repository of vital, clinical information is essential.

3.    Conference Discounts

Connect with colleagues at the ASCP annual meeting, Spring Conference + Exhibition, or select regional and chapter events to share experiences, address similar challenges and locate job opportunities. ASCP speakers have proven records of effectiveness, professionalism and expertise. They share relevant knowledge you can apply to your practice immediately. Or connect right from your desktop through ASCP’s LinkedIn and Facebook fanpage and ASCP’s email discussion groups.

4.   Exclusive Access to

As a member, you have exclusive access to the extensive "member only" areas of the ASCP Web site where the latest news, information, and resources for consultant pharmacists is available 24/7/365. ASCP makes it easy for members get the inside track and stay on top of what is going on -- anytime, anywhere.

5.   ASCP Now newsletter

With the sheer volume of news and information available today, it's important that members be able to cut through the clutter and find what they need quickly and easily. ASCP offers one enewsletter -- ASCP NOW -- to make sure its membership is not only informed of what's happening, but also that content is selected, framed and presented in a context that makes it relevant to them.

6.    Advocacy on Your Behalf

Tough issues demand tough stands and no organization better represents the views of consulting pharmacists than ASCP. Be it at the federal level where matters of national importance are decided, or at the state level where local issues take center stage, ASCP is continually on the job, taking stock of the issues, formulating positions, articulating our members' views and advocating for their best interests.

7.   Compliance Resources

When it comes to compliance issues, there is no better resource than ASCP. At a time when mistakes or oversights can result in extremely serious consequences, it is incumbent on all parties to know and understand their duties and responsibilities.

8.    Continuing Education & Professional Certification

Learning should be a life-long endeavor and a never-ending quest. That's why ASCP makes every effort to ensure its members have the largest selection and best educational opportunities available to make the most of their professional careers.

9.    Business Tools

If you are expanding your business or practice into new settings, or thinking about doing so, ASCP offers deep discounts on the practical information you need to take your ideas to the next level. Check out the online store today.

10.   ASCP Helpline

You’ve got questions, and help is just an email away. Use the ASCP Helpline to get one-on-one help answering tough questions that affect your practice. Address concerns regarding regulatory, compliance, and environmental issues or learn more about how you can start your own consulting practice. Email your questions to

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Or, you can download the "Join ASCP" application (PDF) -- which lists the membership categories and prices, complete it, and fax it back to us.

Additional Membership Benefit Programs

ASCP also has Member Benefit Programs. As a member, you can take advantage of the following program developed especially for you.

  • Member Discount Programs
    Member savings on everyday purchases from insurance and travel services to discounts on office supplies. ASCP members have access to discounts not available to the general public. Check back frequently as we continue to add new benefits. Start saving - join ASCP today!
  • Mercer Affinity Group Service
As a member, you can get Professional Liability, Disability, Major Medical, Group Term Life, Dental and Cancer Care Insurance Programs through Mercer Affinity Group Service.
  • My RX Career Center
    Job seekers can use this resource to see the latest opportunities in the pharmacy industry. And recruiters can use this resource to target qualified candidates quickly and easily.
  • ASCP Custom Certificate Frames
    Show your ASCP pride by purchasing one of our custom-embossed frames to hold your ASCP Membership Certificate, ASCP Fellowship Certificate or even your college diploma or pharmacy license. Choose between a black and gold double mat with gold-leaf embossing or navy blue and gray double mat with silver-leaf embossing of the Society's name. All hardwood styles are made with Forest Stewarship Council (FSC) certified wood from well-managed forests and the Conservation-Quality Preservation matboard protects your valuable document from damaging effects of pollutants and contaminants.

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