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Currently, ASCP has 24 chapters and 33 affiliate organizations serving our membership in the United States and Canada, with several others in various stages of development. ASCP’s membership is located in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and 18 countries.

Chapters are formed by ASCP members within a state or country and are a vital link in the ASCP network. A strong, effective chapter is a powerful voice in representing the profession at the local and state level, and can provide some of the most tangible ASCP services directly to members. If you are an ASCP member and are interested in forming a chapter, email or call Customer Service at 800-355-2727.

Affiliated organizations are separate professional organizations that have formed an informal relationship with ASCP, manage their own affairs, control their own membership categories, and promote consultant and senior care pharmacy to other professional and health care organizations. The establishment of an affiliate organization must be accomplished by the presentation of a formal agreement between ASCP and the Board of Directors. If your organization is interested in forming an affiliation with ASCP, email or call Customer Service at 800-355-2727.

Role of Chapters

The role of chapters is to further disseminate knowledge and information about the profession of consultant pharmacy and to play an integral part in carrying out the mission and specific goals of the society. Through participation in a chapter, a society member enjoys the following advantages and more:

  • Increased opportunity for direct involvement in consultant and senior care pharmacy programs
  • Opportunity to network and share ideas with others in the profession on a routine basis
  • Access to continuing education
  • Benefits of chapter efforts to educate the public on the contributions and role of consultant and senior care pharmacists
  • Benefits of chapter efforts to represent the interests of consultant and senior care pharmacists with local and state legislative and regulatory groups
  • Direct access to a myriad of ASCP benefits and services

Chapters plan and conduct activities in key areas such as membership recruitment and retention, communication, education, and grassroot activities.

Benefits of Being a Chapter

The relationship between the Society and its chapters can best be described as a partnership. This partnership is based on:

  • A common set of goals and priorities
  • A clear understanding of roles and responsibilities
  • Open, frequent and positive communication
  • A commitment to each other's success
  • A high degree of coordination of efforts to serve the membership

Benefits to the Chapter

Being in partnership with the society provides:

  • Opportunity for input into national policy affecting the profession
  • Access to products and services financially unfeasible for the chapter to develop on its own
  • Financial, programming and administrative support
  • Opportunity to network and learn from similar organizations
  • Opportunity for further leadership development and involvement in shaping the profession.

Benefits to the Society

Being in partnership with state chapters provides:

  • Effective means to obtain grassroots input
  • Improved opportunities for members to communicate and network
  • Enhanced member retention due to effective chapter services
  • Development of future national leaders
  • Increased clout through grassroots political action
  • A forum for delivery of ASCP services at the grassroots level

Affiliation with ASCP

Affiliation is open to any organization who wishes to promote and improve consultant and senior care pharmacy services to health care or other institutions. Affiliated organizations may not promulgate or promote any policy or principle in the name of the Society.

Purpose of Affiliation

  1. fostering and encouraging cooperation and communication between the affiliate and ASCP;
  2. establishing an inter-organizational relationship emphasizing pharmacy unity;
  3. facilitating promotion and improvement of consultant and senior care pharmacy practice.

Relationship of Affiliate and ASCP

  • suitable notification of establishment of the "Affiliated Organization" relationship to the membership of both organizations
  • no implied or mandatory reciprocal membership agreement between the organizations
  • full retention of identity and autonomy by both organizations
  • no implied or automatic endorsement or adoption of position statement or objectives of either organization
  • exclusive retention of rights and use of association seals and insignia by each organization
  • mutual organizational cooperation in planning, organizing, and promoting appropriate educational programs for long term care pharmacists
  • ASCP’s commitment to endeavor to keep the affiliate abreast of national legislative, regulatory, and related issues regarding long term care pharmacy
  • ASCP’s commitment to assist the affiliate in identifying and acquiring information on consultant and senior care pharmacy
  • periodic exchange of membership listings when appropriate and mutually acceptable to the affiliate and ASCP

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