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Current ASCP President

Nicole Brandt, PharmD, MBA, CGP, BCPP

April 2016: ASCP President Brandt’s Message

“Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.” — Albert Schweitzer

Since the last update, a great deal has been happening on a regional and national level.  After attending the APhA meeting, I attended the AMDA meeting and was able to connect with members as well as AMDA leaders.  Furthermore, I was able to give two presentations:  one focusing on the importance of the Consultant Pharmacist with respect to working with medical directors and the other highlighting the collaboration between ASCP and AMDA over the last year.  This partnership is important and more work will need to continue as those of us who practice in the PA-LTC setting are faced with increasing challenges and opportunities.

On a regional level, there have been several meetings that have occurred.  Maryland had their Spring Spectacular (March 17th); New York Downstate Meeting (April 4th); Connecticut (CT) Chapter Schwarting Senior Symposium (April 7th) and Texas Chapter Meeting (April 9th).  It is exciting to learn about the great work that the various chapters and regions are involved with and a shout out to the leaders for all of their hours of dedication to organize these meetings.  A special acknowledgement to Dr. Amy Huie-Li, recipient of the CT Consultant Pharmacist of the Year, for her years of service to Connecticut Chapter as well as National ASCP. Furthermore, a special thank you to our industry sponsors for their regional and national support, we could not offer these continuing educational programs without your support.

As you can tell this is a busy time of year not only professionally but also personally. I have been fortunate that two of the recent meetings in March and April have been in Baltimore so I can try to balance work and family.  Furthermore, I am grateful to the support of all of you and proud to be President of this amazing organization.




March 2016: ASCP President Brandt’s Message

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress & working together is success.” -Henry Ford

February was a busy month legislatively for ASCP’s state chapters, and I am encouraged to learn about all of the advocacy that the states have been involved with. I continue to encourage all state leaders to participate in the monthly Chapter Council Calls on the 2nd Tuesday from 12-1pm (EST). Our incoming President-Elect, Joe Marek, has been leading this group, and I applaud all of the activities. At this time, I would like to recognize all of our volunteer leaders for their hard work and commitment to ASCP. Without your dedication and involvement, ASCP would not be the organization it is.

Those of you who are basketball fans, know about “March madness”. March affords the opportunity for me to network at national meetings and represent all of you. During the American Pharmacists Association in Baltimore, Maryland, thankfully my home town. I was able to not only catch up on initiatives to further Provider Status but also catch up with past Presidents and members.

There has been a great deal of advocacy going on to represent you from working with the DEA to reviewing and commenting on the Medicare Call Letter for 2017. 

I will be on the road again for the American Medical Director’s Meeting in Orlando, Florida.  Please let me know if you will be there, I will be presenting and always to love to catch up with ASCP member.  Follow my travels and reflections at:

February 2016: ASCP President Brandt’s Message

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”  -Mark Twain

During the month of January, the presidency for ASCP really launched.  I started 2016 with some time out in the Pacific Northwest in ASCP Region 5.  While the east coast was dealing with a record snowfall, I was able to visit the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle and Washington State University in Spokane and Bend, Oregon.  During my time at UW, I presented to the students, ASCP student leadership, faculty and met with school and ASCP leadership.

A special thank you for Drs. Joy Plein, Kitty Anderson, Judi Mac-Burbridge and Annie Lam for orchestrating the visit.  Additionally, I would like to thank Drs. Sean Sullivan, Andy Stegachis, Zachery Marcum and Peggy Odegard plus others who met with me to share their vision for geriatrics at the School of Pharmacy. Furthermore, I was very impressed by the student leaders especially Chris Andrews the current ASCP-UW Chapter President who wrote my biosketch and led a wonderful student program. In addition, the evening was spent at the UW club with over 35 ASCP members and guest discussion national and state legislative and regulatory activities.

After the visit at UW, I headed out to Spokane to visit the faculty, students as well as practitioners from WSU.  Once again, the hospitality and time spent there was fantastic.  A special thank you to Drs. Brian Gates and Josh Neumiller as well as Sue Lutz and the student leaders for orchestrating the successful visit.  Spending time with future and current practitioners was insightful. I love the idea of having a Student Leader Council to cultivate idea sharing among the student chapters.

The last leg of my trip was spent in Bend, Oregon with the Oregon State Pharmacy Association leadership, members and students from Pacific University Pharmacy School. In addition, past president William “Si” Simonson was present and not only did we enjoy CE but also some cross country skiing.  The time spent out in the Pacific Northwest recharged my battery for the upcoming opportunities in 2016.  Thank you all. I look forward to seeing you during 2016.  

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