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Assisted Living provides care and services as an alternative to residents who are no longer able to live independently, but do not need 24 hour medical care provided by a Nursing Facility. Many Assisted Living Communities serve the needs of residents who need assistance with an average of 3 ADLs and demented residents who do not pose a danger to themselves or others.

  • Seniors move into assisted living communities because they require assistance with their daily activities, including management of their medications … 6.2 different medications on average and 9 or more medications for 25% of residents.
  • The social model of assisted living emphasizes hospitality, and contrasts with the medical model which emphasizes a greater variety and level of services. State regulations vary widely, and there are no federal regulations.
  • The variety and levels of pharmacy services – both dispensing and consulting – range between retail and nursing home pharmacy practice.
  • Pharmacists' interventions improve optimal therapeutic outcomes and save costs from avoided medication-related problems.

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CEAL-UNC releases study data on medication administration in assisted living

The Center for Excellence in Assisted Living (CEAL) at the University of North Carolina Collaborative Studies of Long-Term Care (UNC) recently completed a community based research study on medication administration in assisted living facilities. The study monitored 4403 medication administrations to 320 patients to determine administration error rates between medication aides/technicians and licensed nurses. Overall, less than 3% of total medications passed had errors of moderate to significant potential to harm. Medication aides/technicians were no more likely to have moderate to significant administration errors than were licensed nurses.

Access results from the CEAL-UNC project study. (member login required)

Assisted Living Federation of America

Infection Control in Long-Term Care

Get the latest information on Infection Control in Long-Term Care.

National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL)

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