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Pharmacists who are enthusiastic about the profession and enjoy teaching make excellent preceptors. The influence that preceptors have on the professional and personal development of future pharmacists remains significant for a lifetime.

Precepting is a practice that provides students the opportunity to apply concepts and techniques, and to develop attitudes, values, and an individual approach to patient care. Preceptors provide students with responsibilities that correspond to their capabilities and their school’s experiential learning program’s objectives.

Preceptor duties include:

  • Engaging students in the active learning process, encouraging them to express opinions and share knowledge or experiences.
  • Guiding and evaluating students in a continuous, consistent, and timely manner, to assure that both student and preceptor are on the same page.
  • Incorporating information from other areas of practice, often times enhancing the student's learning experience.
  • Providing constructive criticism when evaluating students and their learning process and above all, serve as a role model by acting and performing in a manner that exhibits professionalism and accountability.

ASCP Resources

The Consultant and Senior Care Pharmacist 
Preceptor Tool Kit

Interested in precepting? Many pharmacists have questions and concerns about whether they will make a quality preceptor and have doubts about whether they can teach professional students.

Consider the ASCP Precepting Tool Kit, a collection of resources designed to help you introduce student pharmacists to consultant and senior care pharmacy practice.

Get Started

If you would like to let ASCP student members know about your practice and are currently or willing to provide them with a practice experience, complete a Preceptor form (PDF) and submit it to ASCP via fax, mail, or email:

Attn: Joan Baird
1321 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
703-739-1500 (fax)

Find a Preceptor
To see which of your colleagues are already participating, check out our list of preceptors (Excel). Check back often as we'll continue to add to this list.

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