CMS Survey and Certification Releases NEW Surveyor Training Videos

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New!! The Survey and Certification group at CMS has released the third and final new surveyor training program concerning care of residents with dementia and unnecessary antipsychotic medication use. The first two videos were published January 2013. The content of the third video includes:

  • How to cite severity level and other aspects of deficiency citations in more detail, based on new guidance at F309, Care of Residents with Dementia, and revised guidance at F329, Unnecessary Drugs.

The new training video is being published alongside an update to the interpretative guidance for F309 and F329. It is 35 minutes in length.

The first two videos contain the following information:

  • How to identify whether a systematic, individualized approach was implemented for a resident with dementia;
  • How to identify that a systematic process is in place and has been followed for persons with dementia in the facility;
  • How to evaluate the role of the resident, consultant pharmacist, physician/NP/PA, medical director, direct care staff, family and other members of the interdisciplinary care team;
  • How to identify other associated tags related to care of persons with dementia and unnecessary medication use.

The first video program is 40 minutes in length. The second self-study may take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour or somewhat longer, depending on the knowledge and experience of the individual surveyor student.

How to Access these Videos for Non-Surveyors

If you are a provider or do not wish to receive credit for viewing the program, please visit the CMS Surveyor Training Website and click on the program that you wish to view.

For webinar technical questions, contact Duva Clyburn at or Etolia Biggs at

Want to help your facilities better appreciate the value of non-pharmacologic treatments? Here’s an informative video from CMS entitled "Improving Dementia Care in Nursing Homes: Best Care Practices."

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