Geriatric Syndromes

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"While it is extremely important to ensure that medications are appropriately and adequately managing the disease, it is equally important to ensure that the medication regimen is not contributing to those common geriatric problem areas -- mood, cognition, delirium, nutrition, hydration, continence, and falls -- in ways that may lead to excess disability, loss of independence, and decrease in quality of life."

Lyder CH et al, Generations, Winter 2000-2001.

Geriatric Conditions and Disability: The Health and Retirement Study

Of adults age 65 years or older, 50% have one or more geriatric conditions (or geriatric syndromes). These include cognitive impairment, falls, low body mass index, incontinence, dizziness, vision impairment, and hearing impairment. These conditions may be as strongly associated with disability as chronic diseases, and should be addressed in the care of older adults.

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Cigolle CT, et al. Ann Intern Med. 2007;147(3):156-164.

Common Geriatric Syndromes and Special Problems

Link to abstract. (full text free to subscribers and ASCP members)

Sleeper RB. Consult Pharm 2009;24(6):447-462.

Delirium: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Management.

From the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the UK. A quick reference guide is also available. July 2010.

Link to guidelines.

Falls and Medication Use

Woolcott JC, et al. Meta-analysis of the impact of 9 medication classes on falls in elderly persons. Arch Intern Med. 2009;169(21):1952-1960.

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American Geriatrics Society clinical practice guidelines on prevention of falls in older persons, 2010.

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Van der Velde N, et al. Cost effectiveness of withdrawal of fall-risk-increasing drugs in geriatric outpatients. Drugs Aging 2008;25(6):521-529.

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