The George F. Archambault Award

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To honor George F. Archambault, ASCP developed the Archambault Award. George F. Archambault is considered the "father of consultant pharmacy" and this award is considered to be the Society's highest honor. Both a pharmacist and a lawyer, Archambault was the Washington editor of Drug Intelligence and Clinical Pharmacy and a pharmacy and drug distribution systems consultant to hospitals and related institutions. In addition, he maintained a private law practice. Before his death on January 1, 2001, Archambault devoted almost 70 years to pharmacy service, receiving nearly every major award in American pharmacy.


The George F. Archambault Award is conferred annually in recognition of outstanding contributions to consultant and senior care pharmacy.


2013: Bruce Stuart

2012: Dennis Chapron
2011: Arnold Clayman
2010: Mark Stratton
2009: Marie Garnder
2008: David Guay
2007: H. Edward Davidson
2006: Manju Beier
2005: Thomas R. Clark
2004: Jerry H. Gurwitz
2003: Brad Williams
2002: Joseph Hanlon
2001: Joy Plein
2000: L. Michael Posey
1999: Janice Feinberg
1998: Mark Beers
1997: J. Lyle Bootman
1996: Stephen M. Feldman
1995: Dianne E. Tobias
1994: Thomas Cali
1993: Ralph Kalies
1992: Armon Neel, Jr.
1991: W. Gary Erwin
1990: R. Tim Webster *
1989: William Simonson
1988: Thomas Snader
1987: William F. McGhan
1986: Philip Gerbino
1985: K. Scott Carruthers
1984: John Thompson
1983: Peter Lamy
1982: James Cooper
1981: Mark Abrams
1980: Denis Portaro
1979: John Rawlings
1978: Don Baker
1977: Samuel Kidder *
1976: Herman Kessler
1975: George Freedman
1974: Jack Machbitz
1973: Richard Berman *
1972: George Archambault *

* denotes deceased

Description of Award

The recipient of the George F. Archambault Award will be honored at ASCP's annual meeting with a specially designed certificate of award. The award includes reasonable travel, housing, and registration costs associated with attending the annual meeting. In addition, the recipient's name will be placed on a perpetual plaque displayed at ASCP headquarters.

Qualifications of the Award Nominee

  1. Nominees may be members or non-members of ASCP
  2. Nominees will have made a significant contribution to consultant or senior care pharmacy through one or more of the following means:
    • sustained and exemplary performance as a professional consultant pharmacist
    • a significant addition to the literature
    • the development of an outstanding project; or
    • progress in the development of federal or state legislation or regulations.

Nomination Process

Nominations are solicited each year. All members may nominate and nominations must be made in writing, and should include the curriculum vitae of the nominee, along with a narrative endorsement describing the qualifications of the candidate. Nominations must be received by ASCP no later than April 30, 2014.

Selection Process

The award is competitive. The selection of the Archambault Award recipient is made by a mail vote of past recipients of the award. The decision of the past award recipients will be final and without appeal. Each year the past recipients of the Archambault Award will evaluate the individual's contributions to consultant pharmacy based on the qualifications described above, determined from information submitted within the nomination. ASCP will notify all award nominees of the outcome of their nominations by October 1st.

Approved by the ASCP Board of Directors, July 28, 2001, as revised by the Organizational Affairs Council.

Submitting a Nomination

By April 30th, submit a written nomination with a narrative endorsement describing the qualifications of the candidate. Also include a curriculum vitae of the nominee. Please send this information to:

George F. Archambault Award Selection Committee
c/o Heather Dyson, Leadership Coordinator
American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
1321 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-739-1300 x-147
Fax: 703-739-1321

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