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The sponsoring company and ASCP will enter a co-sponsorship agreement. Co-sponsorship is a full and complete working relationship between ASCP and the sponsoring company to design, develop and implement quality educational activities. A co-sponsorship agreement, agreed upon by all parties involved, delineates this planning arrangement and the responsibilities of each party involved. ASCP's primary role will be in its responsibilities as an approved provider of continuing pharmacy education. Please see details below. ASCP shall retain final approval of the following key components of activity development

  • Assessment of the audience’s educational needs and the patient care or pharmacist educational gap.
  • Selection of activity topics.
  • Selection of activity faculty.
  • Design of educational goals and learning objectives.
  • Development of instructional materials, including handouts and visual aids.

ASCP shall be directly responsible for the following components of activity development:

  • Selection of meeting sites and facilities.
  • Determination of continuing pharmacy education contact hours.
  • Determination of activity registration fee.
  • Design or approval of activity evaluation instruments.
  • Assessment of participant learning.
  • Any other activities deemed important for ensuring full compliance with the standards of accreditation.
  • Provision of an ASCP speaker liaison whose primary role is to ensure that the co-sponsor’s activity speakers address the educational goals of the meeting and meets the needs of ASCP’s membership.

ASCP will assign a number to the activity and determine the amount of continuing pharmacy education that can be awarded. ASCP reserves the right to refuse to award continuing pharmacy education credit for any portion of the activity deemed to be promotional or biased in nature, or not substantially related to the contemporary practice of pharmacy.

All pertinent records for the activity will be maintained at ASCP headquarters for the required six-year period. To facilitate ASCP's compliance with the ACPE Accreditation Standards for Continuing Pharmacy Education, the co-sponsor agrees to provide records to ASCP no later than the date indicated on the co-sponsorship agreement.

The co-sponsor will coordinate speaker travel arrangements and hotel arrangements, determine and pay for speakers honoraria and expenses, and provide guidance to speakers to ensure that the topics discussed are covered in a fair and balanced manner.

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