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I just wanted to get this forum started! It may be helpful for everyone to get to know each other?

So I'll start

Nakia is the name. I am originally from Baltimore, MD. Went to pharmacy school at Hampton University c/o 2010. Did my PGY1 @ Xavier University / LSU in New Orleans last year and now Im back in Baltimore FINALLY! at University of Maryland School of Pharmacy for PGY2. When I grow up I want to be a TEACHER! Its always been my dream and I really hope to provide geriatric education to aspiring health care professionals.

Question to the group:
Who is going to Midyear?
I am :o)

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Hey everybody!

I'm Heather. I grew up in Columbia, Missouri and went to pharmacy school at St. Louis College of Pharmacy in St. Louis, Missouri. I did my PGY1 residency at the South Texas Veterans Health Care System in San Antonio, Texas, and I must have liked it because they convinced me to stay for my PGY2 :) I'm passionate about patient care and my interests include hospice/palliative care and geripsych. I'm hoping to find a job in either hospice or long-term care.

I'll be at Midyear and think we should definitely plan a get together. Congrats, Laura!

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Heather <3 San Antonio!

Thanks for your post, I have been to San An a few times most recently for ALCALDE last year...were you there?
This year I am embarking on learning more about hospice/palliative care it seems like an interesting geriatric related topic to explore. What do you think about glucose monitoring @ EOL? I have had a few questions about this...

Midyear- let me know your travel dates maybe we can all do something pre-meeting? Ill be there Dec 3-8th

Have a great week

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Hey Nakia!

Sorry for the much delayed response.

You bring up an interesting point about glucose monitoring at EOL. I think it depends on the patient's wishes. In most of our patients on the inpatient hospice ward, they usually don't want fingersticks or labs, so we don't monitor. Also, I think you always have to ask whether obtaining the blood glucose would change your management, and if it wouldn't, then it probably isn't necessary. This is one of the things I really like about hospice/palliative care, that it is very patient-focused and there is no black and white answers.

In regards to Midyear, I will be there the same dates, Dec 3rd-8th, and I don't have any specific plans beyond that :)

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I agree with your response I have been using that approach on some of my services.

I am going to pose the question to the entire group but how do feel about lipid management? This area seems to be up for debate depending on the practice setting. What are your thoughts?

Hope you are residency year is going well. Any plans for other conferences this year besides Midyear?

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Hello Everyone,

I also apologize for my delay, but it's only appropriate that I provide a thread while on rotation here at ASCP!

I'm K.C. Ogbonna from the Connecticut VA. I went to pharmacy school at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. I’ve always had a soft spot for the older population especially in light of the multiple problems my grandparents have had with their healthcare.

I did my PGY1 pharmacy practice residency at Connecticut as well and stayed on via early commitment. In terms of practice areas, I’m keeping all of my options open but I’m partial to the VA and academia. I really just want to see what opportunities await us before committing to one practice area.

Aside from my unyielding love for pharmacy, I’m a huge sports fan. I played football in undergrad and support all Philadelphia sports teams as if I’m an honorary member… I can’t wait to meet all of you at Mid-Year and I hope everything is going well thus far!

Side Note: I also agree with the above comments regarding glucose readings at the EOL. If we do not intend on changing management or adjusting the medication regimen we do not routinely monitor glucose.

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KC thanks for your post

You just can't get enough of Connecticut! I hear it is a great place (especially from another resident here that is UConn alum)

I usually try to keep this professional but since you mentioned you were a sports fan, whats going on with your boy Vick? (you can email me your response LOL) nakia.beard@gmail.com

Hope you enjoyed your stay in Alexandria...sorry we missed each other, will you be coming to ASCP in the fall or spring?

Question for you...how do you measure patients medication adherence at your facility?

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Thank you for starting the

Thank you for starting the forum Nakia. My name is Khusbu Patel. I went to pharmacy school in Queens, New York at St.John's University and did my PGY-1 at New York Harbor VA, and now i am at James J Peters VA in Bronx, New York. I am originally from New Jersey, but I love New York!

I am unsure what I plan to due after the residency year, however I am interested in staying within the VA hospital system.

I am also going to midyear.

Is anyone doing anything site specific to promote education for geriatrics? At our institution, I am helping to organize a geriatric fair later in the year. I would love to hear about health initiatives that you are planning at your institutions.

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Hey New Yorker

Khusbu no problem! Im glad to meet everyone. I think most of us are unsure about what the next will hold but we all have dreams and ambitions.

Let us know when you will be in New Orleans I am thinking ahead to plan a Geri-Resident Event hopefully pre-meeting if enough of us are in

Geriatric Education-
Is the focus of the health fair to educated the aging population or their support systems (ie family, caregivers) or both?

At the university of maryland we have a course entitled "Healthy Aging" that is an effort from the pharmacy school and the VAMC to provide education to students, healthcare providers, elderly persons and their support systems on various geriatric conditions/ syndromes.

It is really a cool course because it allows students teams (pharmacist/nursing/nutrition/medicine) and residents to visit seniors at their homes. After they consent of course.

Health Fair-
Lets stay in touch about this because you may be able to post some information on ASCP website about your health fair. Do you know if your state has a chapter? If so it would be really easy to post info about your health fair and really get a lot more people to your event


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Hi! Thanks again for getting this together.

I'm Laura and I've lived in the Phoenix, AZ area since I was 3. I did my undergrad studies at Arizona State and attended pharmacy school at Midwestern University in Glendale. I did my PGY1 residency at Scottsdale Healthcare, a community hospital system. I am now embarking on my PGY2 in academia + geriatrics at Midwestern University (my alma mater :-)). I am interested in so many aspects of pharmacy and am hoping this PGY2 will help me to narrow down my options. Academia is a front-runner, along with possibly consulting and I will always love acute care. We'll see...

I'll be at Midyear as well- 7 months pregnant! :-)

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Congrats Laura from AZ

Congrats! 7months in New Orleans...Im sure we can finds something fun for you :o) In all seriousness I am hoping that others will be attending mid-year and we can all meet up together. One of the other residents Jason, mentioned the idea in a previous email convo we had last week.

We share similar interest I love academia but acute care does have a special place in my heart.

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Hey all!

Hey everyone!

I'm Jason from the Durham VA. I went to pharmacy school at the University of Connecticut. I fell in love with geriatrics on my first P4 clinical rotation at the West Haven, CT VA. I did my PGY1 pharm practice residency at Durham as well and stuck around via early commitment. We have the privilege of working with the Duke Center for Aging and their geriatric medicine fellows and attendings. We also have a GRECC at our site. Pretty cool stuff! :)

In terms of practice areas, I have a major interest in academia as well. I do a lot of stuff with UNC's school of pharmacy and got my teaching certificate there last year. Otherwise...I enjoy geri psych and primary/ambulatory care...and acute medicine. I'm kind of all over the place!

And yes, as Nakia alluded to - I'd love to get all of us together at Midyear if we can find some time for all of us to meet! It'd be a lot of fun! We'll have to plan as we get closer and figure out for sure who'll be there.

Hope all of you on the east coast take care this weekend and stay safe with Irene approaching!


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How are things? Still all over the place? (I know i am) Well email me soon we need to get our midyear plans rolling nakia.beard@gmail.com or Facebook me :-)

Question for you: Do you have a Dementia Clinic @ your GRECC???

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