SPEAK UP for Senior Care Pharmacy

SPEAK UP for Senior Care Pharmacy is ASCP’s new Advocacy Fund. ASCP uses these funds for policy and advocacy tools such as databases, consultants, and technologies that help spread our message across official Washington. Our goal is to increase our first-time donations if $150 or more by 50 percent, and maintain 100 percent of our current $150 or more contributors.

To ensure policymakers hear your voice, we need your donations to the SPEAK UP fund. Your contributions will help ensure the availability of tools, resources and information you need to secure your future as a practicing geriatric pharmacist, and to pave the way for training and development of fellow geriatric pharmacists.

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The ASCP Foundation

The ASCP Foundation relies on the generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations to provide educational programs and conduct research initiatives that support the work of senior care pharmacists.

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ASCP-PAC (Members Only)

PAC donations are a mechanism for advancing ASCP's legislative and policy agenda by assisting certain political candidates in securing or maintaining elected offices.

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