Virtual Lobby Day 2013

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Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Virtual Lobby Day 2013.  Missed the day? You can still take action using the links below. ACT NOW!

The Day

ASCP’s Virtual Lobby Day is a coordinated effort to have ASCP members and other healthcare professionals from around the United States send online messages to their senators and representatives on the same day, to educate them about the important role consultant pharmacists play in the ongoing efforts to improve the American health care system. It will take place on October 17, 2013, as part of Consultant Pharmacist Week.

By committing to email, phone, fax, tweet, and otherwise distribute your message to Congress on October 17, you are helping to raise the profile of ASCP and pharmacists in Washington, DC without ever leaving your hometown.

Learn About The Issues

Act Now! Send Letters to Congress

Participating is quick and easy! Simply click on the issue below to start the process of sending letters to your representatives (you may click on more than one issue to send multiple letters).  Members of Congress respond best to personalized requests, so we encourage you to slightly modify the form letters we've provided.

  1. Provider Status for Pharmacists
  2. Expansion of MTM Services
  3. Rescheduling of Hydrocodone Combination Products
  4. Recognizing Agency Relationships and Chart Orders
  5. Recognizing Professional Services for LTC Pharmacy Dispensing Fees

Social Media Advocacy

You and your colleagues, classmates, or chapter can also participate by using social media to contact your elected officials and share information about ASCP advocacy on Virtual Lobby Day. You can connect with ASCP on its Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

Use these hashtags #LobbyDay2013 and #CPWeek2013 when sharing on social media for Virtual Lobby Day.

Sample Tweets

  • Oppose H.R. 1285 to reschedule #hydrocodone combination products. #LobbyDay2013 #SafePrescribingAct
  • Oppose S 621, the #SafePrescribingAct of 2013. #LobbyDay2013
  • Support S 557, the Medication Therapy Management Empowerment Act. #PartDMTM #LobbyDay2013
  • Support HR 1024, the Medication Therapy Management Empowerment Act. #PartDMTM #LobbyDay2013
  • Support efforts to reform the #ControlledSubstancesAct. #LobbyDay2013
  • Support #ProviderStatus for #pharmacists. #LobbyDay2013
  • Support S 1493, the #Medicare Efficient Drug #Dispensing Act of 2013. #LobbyDay2013
  • Support recognition of #nurseasagent and #chartorders under the #ControlledSubstancesAct #LobbyDay2013

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