Message from the Chair

Nancy Losben

Nancy Losben, RPh, FASCP, CCP, CG
ASCP Foundation Chair

Where has the time gone? Just a few short weeks ago, I was anticipating the start of a new year and looking forward to advancing the work of the Foundation. As I take time now to reflect on the past year, I want to thank all of you who have helped make 2017 a great year for the Foundation. Your generosity and support throughout the year, particularly your participation in the “Headshot” fundraiser held at ASCP 2017 and “Year-End” campaign, helps drive our mission and support our future goals.

Poised to revitalize the Foundation, 2017 was a year dedicated to raising awareness, advancing our priorities, and driving donor support for educational and research initiatives. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am pleased to share highlights of the Foundation’s key accomplishments.

Educating Consumers. Inspiring Donors.

The Foundation launched its new website, in conjunction with a fundraising activity at the ASCP 2017 Meeting. A renewed digital presence and onsite engagement with ASCP members and grassroots supporters provided an ideal venue to kick-start the awareness campaign.

The development of the site was driven by a goal to provide reliable, unbiased educational information and resources to seniors, caregivers, and anyone caring for an aging loved one. Providing heightened awareness to the role of the senior care pharmacist, visitors to the site will be able to get direct access to a pharmacist through the new senior care pharmacist directory.

The website will continue to expand and be populated with rich content and topics related to specialized medication issues that impact an aging population. A special thank you to our Website Content Workgroup, comprised of volunteer, subject matter experts who are involved in the current development phase. Our expectation is to increase page volume by end of Q1 2018 and include relevant information on medication management, medication safety, transitions of care, and self-care & OTC.

Educational Resource Development Promotes Workforce Development

The ASCP Foundation Board of Trustees recently approved a $250,000 grant to the ASCP in support of educational initiatives that will enable senior care pharmacists to improve patient care and optimize outcomes that positively impact those they serve. The grant will help foster the creation of educational and workforce development programs & resources that include:

We look forward to the opportunities that 2018 brings. Together, we can advance the health and well-being of older persons through appropriate, effective and safe medication use.

Interested in a volunteer leadership role?

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