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Press Release: Launch of Senior Care Pharmacist Directory

Monday, April 30, 2018  

ASCP and ASCP Foundation Introduce New Senior Care Pharmacist Directory, Educational Materials

Alexandria, VA – On April 30, the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) and the ASCP Foundation launched a new Senior Care Pharmacist Directory that simplifies the process of locating local senior care pharmacists. In correspondence with the new directory, the two organizations have jointly begun a new campaign to help older adults and their caregivers better understand what a senior care pharmacist brings to a health care team.

The Senior Care Pharmacist Directory, available at, consolidates senior care pharmacist contact information and certifications/qualifications into one online phone book, allowing consumers to easily search for information on pharmacists in their state. Older adults, caregivers, and even health care team members will be able to use the directory to identify senior care pharmacists they can contact with concerns regarding medications, including how to appropriately use medications safely and effectively.

The Senior Care Pharmacist Directory is a tremendous opportunity for senior care pharmacists to increase their connections with older adults, caregivers, and health care teams. Listing in the directory is free for all ASCP members. Current ASCP members who are licensed U.S. pharmacists actively engaged in pharmacy practice and wish to be listed in the directory should go to the following website for information:

As part of spreading the word about the new Senior Care Pharmacist Directory and the services that senior care pharmacists offer, a series of informational one-page handouts and videos have been developed for anyone wishing to learn more about senior care pharmacists and the services they offer. These educational materials are free for all to use.

The fact sheets address several questions older adults and their caregivers might have regarding senior care pharmacists, such as:

  • What is a senior care pharmacist?
  • How can a senior care pharmacist serve as a patient's advocate?
  • What are common terms used by senior care pharmacist?
  • How can home visits help?

The video library offers candid discussions from senior care pharmacists on their role in the health care team. The videos also address issues such as:

  • How senior care pharmacists can help one better manage medications.
  • How a typical home visit will go.
  • Things you may not know about senior care pharmacists.
  • Benefits of bringing a senior care pharmacist onto your health care team.

Complete copies of the fact sheets and a full list of videos can be found online at

The directory and educational materials are part of a joint effort between ASCP and the ASCP Foundation with the goal of improving medication management and health outcomes for older adults across the United States.

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