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A Look Ahead: Exciting Future for The Senior Care Pharmacist

Monday, September 30, 2019  

Enhancements and Changes Planned to Increase the Journal’s Viability and Usefulness to Members

The Society’s journal, The Senior Care Pharmacist, first published in 1986, has often been seen as the heart of ASCP, and it has consistently been chosen by the membership as the Society’s top benefit. As we look toward the future and celebrate ASCP’s 50th year, we are excited to announce developments to this invaluable member benefit and resource.

ASCP is committing to a stronger social media presence for the journal, so our articles can reach a broader audience. We are also pleased to announce ASCP’s new podcast, The Senior Care Pharmacist Radio, which will be a monthly journal-to-life broadcast featuring interviews with authors from the journal.

To complement these enhanced digital benefits, full-text articles from the journal will be available exclusively online. To alert ASCP members that the content has been published online, they will receive mailings with the table of contents and abstracts/short descriptions and with the option to scan and read the full articles online. As they do currently, members will also receive an e-mail each month alerting them of the new issue, with links to read the full articles. Full-text journal articles and archives will still remain free for ASCP members and subscribers.

ASCP is confident that these changes will be well-received by members. In a recent survey, two-thirds of members said it was somewhat important or not important to have a printed version of the journal; only one-third said they must have or it was very important to have a printed copy of the journal.

In addition to these developments, The Senior Care Pharmacist will see a change in its editorial team for 2020. The November/December 2019 issue will be the final issue for our current editor-in-chief, H. Edward Davidson. The society is grateful for his 22 years of service and monumental contributions to the publication and the association. Our new editorial team is committed to taking the journal into the future for the betterment of our members, our profession, and ultimately our patients.

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