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ASCP Champions Pharmacists as Vaccine Providers for COVID-19 Immunization

Wednesday, September 2, 2020  

ASCP Champions Pharmacists as Vaccine Providers for COVID-19 Immunization

ASCP Chef Executive Urges National Academies to Recognize Pharmacists as Providers of Vaccine Services Through Medicare and Medicaid

On Wednesday, August 26, 2020,ASCP announced it was taking a leadership role in getting a COVID-19 vaccine deployed to older people and ensuring the pharmacist’s role in the distribution process by actively participating in Operation Warp Speed (OWS). ASCP member T.J. Griffin, senior vice president of operations of Pharmerica, is serving as a representative of ASCP and all of long-term care pharmacy on this group alongside ASCP’s chief executive, Chad Worz, PharmD, BCGP.

Due to ASCP's ongoing effort, Worz was invited to speak at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) event,Equitable Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccine: Public Listening Session, on Wednesday, September 2, 2020. Worz commented on behalf of the long-term care pharmacists and pharmacies that service the 15,439 skilled nursing facilities and the over 38,000 assisted living facilities as well as other older adult and medically complex patient populations.

Worz’s remarks to the National Academies underscored the role of long-term care pharmacies and pharmacists in the successful deployment, administration and reporting of any vaccine. He emphasized that “all long-term care pharmacies be included in the distributions plan for Phases 1a and 1b as existing, effective and efficient resources to deploying the vaccine to all areas of the United States,” and that we must “ensure that pharmacists can support other qualified clinicians in the administration and reporting of any vaccine… by recognizing pharmacists as bonified providers of vaccine services through Medicare Part B and state Medicaid programs.”

ASCP will continue to beheavily involved in OWS and advocate on behalf of pharmacists and older adults. ASCP is hosting weekly calls on Thursdays at 4:00PM ET to hear insight from the Warp Speed committee as well as report on its correspondence with the administration. There is also an ASCP webinar planned for September 11, 2020 at 12:00pm ET, during which ASCP will give a full update on its involvement with OWS. For more information on the weekly calls, please email ASCP’s chief executive Chad Worz at with your contact information and the number of long-term care facilities your pharmacy services.

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