New Look for 2020

Introducing a New Look for ASCP!

We know that our world that is driven by the digital and the visual, and how an organization presents itself to its members and other audiences is essential for establishing a lasting relationship. We set out to explore a creative new way of expressing ASCP’s mission visually, in a way that would be meaningful and memorable.

Our goal was to ensure the outward expression of our brand matches the value we deliver to our membership, and that it represented the care our members deliver to older adults.

Thank You For Your Help

We included a range of important perspectives in the creative process, including many of yours. Nearly 450 members participated into a member-wide brand benchmarking survey to help us understand how the ASCP brand could better represent our mission, help us attract and welcome more members, and how it could position us as a leader in the pharmacy profession.

A team of board leaders, members and staff provided feedback on multiple design concepts, and with our direction, our creative partner, Mekanic, created and refined this new visual identity.

Empowering Pharmacists. Transforming Aging.

The shape is inspired by a butterfly—a symbol of transformation, growth, and taking flight. It symbolizes how ASCP strives to develop the role of the senior care pharmacist. The butterfly is made from two shapes that are similar, but not identical. They share an area of overlap in the middle that represents our shared interests and goals as a profession—while recognizing that each of our members’ professional journeys and each patient’s journey is unique.

The colors are energetic and vibrant, symbolic of the passion our members bring to their work. The deep fuchsia represents courage, the violet represents creativity, and the turquoise represents expertise and a forward-thinking approach.

The two shapes are slightly different sizes and shapes; they are similar, but not identical. They have an organic quality that speaks to the idea that senior care pharmacists work in the gray—often without obvious right answers. At ASCP, we want to do our best to prepare you for those situations, so you can provide the best solution for your patients.

We’re excited to share this preview with you. The new ASCP brand will officially launch in 2020.

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