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As the leader in geriatric medication management, ASCP advocates for healthcare policies that promote patient access, affordability to medications, and accessibility to the medication management services that pharmacists provide. Our advocacy efforts have impacted critical federal policymaking and have been recognized in national advertising campaigns across the country.

Our commitment to patient-centered treatment has garnered respect from industry leaders and disease state groups throughout the beltway, and our advocacy platform is consistently adapting to better educate lawmakers on our three pillars: access, affordability, and medication management.

ASCP heavily advocates for medication access for older adults. Our access efforts include:

  • Helping steer a committee for Congressional step therapy reform
  • Serving as the primary pharmacy organization fighting to maintain Medicare’s Six Protected Classes
  • Acting as the lead organization working with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to reduce administrative hurdles impeding appropriate pain management in nursing facilities

ASCP understands that pharmacists are vital members of the healthcare team and the best-equipped practitioners to serve the medication management needs of patients. We advocate for appropriate medication management through:

  • Collaboratation with other advocacy organizations in the fight for Provider Status
  • Partnering with the DEA to draft policy guidelines on e-Kits, partial fills, and other practice issues that impact nursing facilities
    • E-Kits vs Automated Dispensing Systems (ADSs)
    • Partial filling of schedule II medications for up to 60 days
    • Multi-dose formulations in E-Kits
    • Dispensing requirements for the initial dose of a controlled medication from an E-Kit
  • Providing inside regulatory knowledge of current and upcoming practice guidelines from entities like the EPA, FDA, and USP
  • Participating in industry meetings, roundtables and policy drafting with federal agencies such as CMS, FDA, DEA, and EPA to create new medication management standards

Our organization has been active in every step of the drug pricing debate. We have continually supported legislative fixes aimed at curbing rising drug costs and making medications more affordable to our patients. To this end, ASCP:

  • Actively comments on all drug pricing regulations to offer guidance on patient and pharmacist impact
  • Garnered support for legislative fixes to increase transparency in the drug pricing process, like the Payment Commission Data Act of 2019
  • Collaborates with other pharmacy organizations to find solutions to direct and indirect renumeration (DIR) fees that insurers claw back from pharmacies, causing older adults to pay more for their medications

We hope you will join us in our fight to increase patient access,
increase affordability, and optimize medication management.

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