Senior Care Pharmacy Business Certificate (BESCPC)

Inaugural 2019-2020 Class – SAVE THE DATES!

ASCP’s Business and Entrepreneurship in Senior Care Pharmacy Certificate (BESCPC) is 5-part longitudinal course series that will begin in September 2019 – and encompass the basics of senior care pharmacy, and the business, operational and entrepreneurial aspects of starting a senior care pharmacy business.

The goals of this certificate program are twofold:

  1. To understand the business landscape of senior care pharmacy.
  2. To learn how to build a business.

5-Part Series







Instructional Design and Curriculum Guide


Homestudy Prework Learning Activities – Begins September 15, 2019

  1. The Basics: 101 on The Consultant Pharmacist (3.0 hours CPE)
  2. The Future of Pharmacy Has Arrived: The Gig Economy, New Practice Models, and New Services for Pharmacy (1.0 hour CPE)
  3. The Other Doctor Will See You Now: Pharmacists in the Primary Care Practitioner Setting (1.25 hour CPE)
  4. Who Am I? A Self-Assessment and Self-Awareness (1.0 hour CPE)


Live Full-Day Workshop at ASCP Annual Meeting 2019 – November 7, 2019

Senior Care Pharmacy Business Workshop – At AM19 (7.25 hours CPE)
This module is a mixture of inspirational stories from real-world innovative senior care pharmacists, in addition to an introduction to the future of MTM, new technology for senior care patients, and the business model canvas.

Learning Objectives for the Workshop

  1. List different senior care pharmacy business and reimbursement models that entrepreneurs have created through listening to leaders in senior care pharmacy.
  2. Assess different settings for entrepreneurial consideration in senior care pharmacy: chronic care management, transitions of Care, MTM, and supply chain pharmacy.
  3. Describe new and future technology that may assist either the senior care patient, or senior care pharmacist in delivery of personalized healthcare.
  4. Develop individual approach to avenue(s) of interest for the senior care entrepreneurial pharmacist, based upon experts sharing their own career development and pathways.
  5. Describe the business model canvas and begin thinking about building a business model canvas unique to the individual pharmacist.


Homestudy/Live Learning Activities - Available after the Live Workshop – June 30, 2020 (All webinars are pending)

  • From Cognition to Concierge Pharmacy: How to get Your Mindset Right in Order to Change Practice
  • The Senior Care Concierge Pharmacist Story
  • Legal Considerations for Forming a Business & Reducing Risk
  • Live 2/6/20 at 7 pm ET! The Business Model Canvas for Your New Business: Check in and Final Check up
  • Financials: Understanding the Fundamental Financial Statements for Your Business
  • Writing Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow for Your Start Up
  • Tools for Senior Care Pharmacists
  • Marketing and Sales as a Senior Care Pharmacist
  • The Long-Term Care Entrepreneurial Pharmacist: Solo and Group Practice


FINAL EXAMINATION FOR CERTIFICATE – Test Window Between July 1, 2020 – August 31, 2020
After completing all modules above in their entirety – then,
successfully complete a high-stakes, comprehensive final examination of all content previously contained within this rubric between July 1-August 31, 2020. Learners will have 3 attempts to achieve 70% or higher on the comprehensive examination. Exam will consist of multiple choice test questions, and learners will be required to upload their business model canvas for their individual businesses developed. No additional CPE will be awarded for successfully completing the examination.


FINAL CELEBRATION AND INSPIRATION – ASCP Annual Meeting 2020, November 2020, Kissimmee, FL
Attend the ASCP 2020 Annual Meeting in Florida and Pick Up Your Certificate in our Close Out Ceremony and Celebration – with printed certificates.

BESCPC is supported in part through an educational grant from the ASCP Foundation.

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