My APPE Rotation in One Word? Enlivening!

Amy Kolari, PharmD Candidate, 2019
Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions

I wasn’t sure what to expect out of my APPE experience with ASCP, but I didn’t anticipate it to be what it was; and that’s a good thing! Spending 5 weeks as part of ASCP staff gave me the opportunity to complete diverse projects and have a variety of experiences. My rotation with ASCP fell over the Annual Meeting, and I was able to assist and see things from behind the scenes, which is a much different perspective than being an attendee. There is definitely more effort put into both the little and big things than you think…usually. For example, an attendee may have thought for a split second “that graphic on the screen behind the presenter makes sense for this session,” without even realizing someone spent an hour searching for the perfect image. However, there are other components that aren’t necessarily planned out and you roll with the punches and adapt on the spot.

In addition to helping with the Annual Meeting, I was given the opportunity to write excerpts for poster boards, conferences, and publications. I also worked on revamping outdated handouts, proposals for new educational programs, and was fortunate to enough to speak with and learn from influential figures in senior care pharmacy such as Shelly Spiro and ASCP’s own Arnie Clayman. Both have so much experience and knowledge, I can only hope to be as intelligent and well-versed as them one day.

There were so many other projects and experiences I participated in, that I cannot possible name them all— But what I enjoyed the most at ASCP was the people. The staff was all so welcoming and really made the experience great. Some rotations you feel like you’re in the way and a burden, but not here. They truly make you feel like a valuable member of the team.

I would highly encourage any student interested in the ASCP APPE to complete this experience in person, in Alexandria, Virginia. Coming from Nebraska, it was difficult to spend an extended period of time away from my family and friends, but being in the office daily was beneficial and what made the experience great. It made it easy to get quick feedback and answers to questions, as well as gave the opportunity to take on last minute or small, yet exciting, tasks.

If you are nervous about applying for the APPE, but have some flicker of interest, or better yet, a burning fire of passion to come to ASCP, I urge you to apply. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

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