The View from the Top

Frank Grosso, RPh
ASCP Executive Director & CEO


You may have heard the saying, “after climbing the mountain, you can finally enjoy the view.” Well, as someone who’s been scaling the long-term care industry for nearly 44 years, I can honestly say the view has been worth the climb. I’ve never before felt so excited about the future and humbly proud to have had the opportunity play a role in the advancement of senior care pharmacists.

Just look at what we’ve accomplished together in the past 3+ years here at ASCP:

  • Our relationships with regulatory agencies, including the DEA and CMS, are stronger than ever before.
  • The ASCP Foundation has been relaunched and is on the precipice of debuting its new consumer resources and the revamped Senior Care Pharmacist Directory.
  • SenioRx Solutions and the Virtual Pharmacy Network are new tools that have only begun to help aspiring pharmacists to grow and succeed.
  • The ASCP Forum is entering its 4th annual meeting with a lineup that is stronger than ever!
  • We are celebrating and leveraging the diversity of our membership through ASCP’s new focus groups, that meet twice per year to bring special interest groups together to share ideas and opportunities with each other and ASCP staff.
  • ASCP has strengthened relationships with stakeholders and partners such as Leading Age, AHCA/NCAL, APhA, AMDA, SCPC, NCPA, BPS, and more.
  • And ASCP’s infrastructure has been bolstered and supported through the implementation of a new association and learning management system. And let’s not forget ASCP’s new website interface.

Like I said, the view from here looks pretty good! And what’s more exciting is that there’s so much more opportunity for ASCP. I couldn’t be happier to pass the leadership of ASCP over to Chad Worz, our incoming executive director and CEO. I’m confident Chad will take this opportunity to lead ASCP to reach new heights, and I certainly hope he enjoys the climb as much as I have.

Thank you so much for allowing me to lead this organization over the past 3+ years. ASCP’s membership has been my personal source of pride, enthusiasm, fresh ideas, and professional motivation. For me, purpose has always been to serve our profession and you, the members, who have made this an amazing journey, I’ll never forget. I look forward to seeing you all at the ASCP Forum in May.


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