The 2020 election will run from April 1, 2020 through April 15, 2020.

The election results are officially tallied by an independent, 3rd party election company. New board members begin serving at ASCP's Annual Meeting in November.

Voting: ASCP has contracted with Simply Voting to conduct its elections online. When voting is open, eligible voting members will receive an email from Simply Voting with instructions and your individual PIN to cast your vote.

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Director (Region A)

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    I am a pharmacist with 30 years experience in a diverse number of settings. I started my career in retail, moved to hospital administration and am currently in long term care pharmacy. I have been working in long term care (LTC) for the last twenty four years. As a pharmacist with an MBA my first position in LTC was in the managed care division working on contracts and formulary management. I then joined with a team of colleagues to open and become the Chief Operating Officer of a multi state LTC pharmacy servicing approximately 32,000 lives.

    Upon acquisition of that pharmacy, I along with two colleagues opened a New Jersey based pharmacy that is currently in its tenth year of operation. As owner and managing member I am involved in all aspects of the day to day operations and maintain fiscal responsibility for the pharmacy. I am not only familiar with the needs of the pharmacy from an operations perspective but also the needs of our LTC and Assisted Living customers. It would be an honor to serve on the board of ASCP and help shape the future of long term care pharmacy.

Director (Region F)

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    I have spent most of my career in senior care pharmacy in both clinical and operational roles. I have worked as a clinical manager, National Director of Clinical Services, and now as a General Manager for Infinity Pharmacy Solutions. I focus on promoting high-touch customer service with strong ethics and promotion of senior care health. I utilize strategic direction and motivational leadership to promote a healthy work environment of growth and success in addition to implementing necessary practices to achieve improved employee performance and enhanced quality of care.

    My role on the Board of Directors has not only allowed me to learn more about the organization, but increased my participation through multiple committees: including the Finance and Budget Committee, EAC committee as well as the nominating committee, DEA taskforce, Consultant Pharmacist Workgroup and the newly formed Quality Impact Workgroup. ASCP has great leadership, staff and direction. We continue to make huge strides on the overall budget, along with the expansion of our educational tools for all members. Politically, ASCP is at the forefront of providing direction to policymakers that will maximize the potential of our profession. I am excited about the opportunity to continue serving on the Board of Directors for the South-Central region. As both a clinician and operator, I would bring a balance and understanding of both aspects which will help our organization not only stay on track with the current progress but allow us to expand our reach to all areas of our profession.

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    Passion is the word that describes my desire to serve as an ASCP Board member. Passion brought about through my 30 years of experience as a consultant pharmacist for the residents served and the profound effects in changing the course of their medication therapies resulting in a positive outcome. It is through that same passion that I truly want to serve our membership through a continuation of my predecessors by bringing our gift as integral members of the health care team to the forefront. I truly believe in our profession, our calling and our association’s efforts in making a difference through clinical, political and social reforms for those we serve. ASCP – Always Serving Clinicians of Pharmacy.

Director (Region H)

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    Kaylene Woods is a clinical pharmacist and long-term care consultant at Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation (YKHC) in Bethel, Alaska. Kaylene has a passion for bringing healthcare to rural and underserved populations and is currently pursing that passion in bush Alaska. Kaylene chose to practice in a Yupik community because of its deep seeded love and respect for their elders.

    Kaylene has taken a special interest in YK Elder’s Home and when appointed as the consultant pharmacist, Kaylene sought out education and training opportunities for geriatric pharmacy which ultimately brought her to ASCP. Through online resources and boot camps, ASCP gave Kaylene the tools to become successful in taking care of the elders in her area.

    Kaylene hopes to “pay it forward” by increasing ASCP’s support system for pharmacists in the northwest region. The potential of pharmacy and elder care in Alaska is limitless, and Kaylene looks forward to being on the forefront of positive change as part of ASCP leadership.

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