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Joining a Chapter During ASCP Member Registration

When you register as a member on ASCP you will be presented with the option of joining an ASCP chapter and paying chapter dues.  Annual chapter dues range from $15 - $25.  If you've already registered and paid chapter dues, you are a member of that chapter.

To confirm your chapter membership sign in and click on the Groups link at the top of the homepage. Your chapter will be listed on the Groups page.

Joining a Chapter After You've Registered

Click here to join a chapter and pay chapter dues online (sign in required). You must be a current ASCP member to join a chapter.


Your chapter membership will coincide with your ASCP membership.  If your ASCP membership expires on December 31st, then your chapter membership will expire on December 31st as well.

Note: If you join a chapter after you've already joined ASCP, you will pay the full year of chapter dues, however your chapter membership will still expire with your ASCP membership.

If you already belong to a chapter and you would like to change chapters, you'll need to contact us.  You will need to pay the chapter dues of the chapter that you're joining.  Dues already paid to the chapter you're leaving are not refundable.

It is not possible to join more than one ASCP chapter simultaneously.

Businesses and Corporate entities purchase group memberships at ASCP, which will include a specified number of employee memberships.  For example, a company may purchase 10 "seats", meaning that they are providing 10 ASCP memberships for their employees.

Scenario #1 - Employer Does Not Pay Chapter Dues

The employee's ASCP annual dues are paid for by their employer, however payment of chapter dues is normally the responsibility of the employee. Therefore if you "receive an invitation" from your employer to join, you may join ASCP at no charge. While registering you'll have the option of joining a chapter and paying the corresponding chapter dues.

Scenario #2 - Employer Does Pay Chapter Dues

In some instances an employer may pay the employee's chapter dues in advance. If that's the case, during registration you would select the no chapter option and complete your registration.  After you've completed registration you will need to contact us so that we can activate your prepaid chapter membership.

Entry into a Student Chapter group is free and available only to ASCP registered students. During registration students are given the option of joining an ASCP Chapter by paying chapter dues. After you’ve registered and signed in, you may join a Student Chapter Group at no charge.

Note: Student chapters may charge dues through the university. Check with your student chapter leaders to find out if you owe dues.
To join a student chapter -

  • Sign in to the website
  • On the homepage scroll down to the MY Profile box
  • Click on Groups
  • On the right side of the page you'll see Available Groups
  • Click the drop down and select a student chapter

If you encounter any difficulty, please contact our member services team.  We would be glad to assist.

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