Help - Member Profile Visibility

Members have the ability to change the visibility of certain profile information so that it's either hidden or visible to other members.

When you registered on the site you completed a member profile with your name, address, phone, etc. You have the ability to control visibility on some of the fields, and visibility on other fields is predetermined.

Navigate to the Profile Page

You can navigate to this screen as follows -

  • Sign in
  • On the homepage scroll down to MY PROFILE
  • Click on Manage Profile (highlighted in red)

Visibility Settings

Some information is always hidden such as your username and password. Other information such as your e-mail address can be made visible to other ASCP members, or hidden.

You can set the visibility on any field with a red lock or person icon next to it.  Just click on the icon to change the setting.

  • Lock - Hidden from other members
  • Person - Visible to other members
  • No Icon - Visible to other members and cannot be changed
  • (Not visible in profile) - Some fields will say (Not visible in profile) which means that this information is hidden from other members

Example Profile Screen

In the image below, any field with a lock is hidden; any field with a person is visible to other members; any field without an icon is visible to other members and cannot be changed; any field that says (Not visible in profile) is hidden.

Note: Some fields such as Username and Password are always hidden

If you encounter any difficulty, please contact our member services team.  We would be glad to assist.

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