Help - Renew Your Membership

In order to renew your ASCP membership you must sign in to your current member account. If you do not know your password or username click here for instructions on resetting your password and retrieving your username.

Renewal Dates

You may renew your membership up to 90 days prior to expiration.  Our website will display a Membership Info (Renew!) renewal reminder beginning at the 90 day mark whenever you sign in (shown below highlighted in white).  The My Profile box is located on the homepage once you've signed in.

If you renew your membership before your expiration date, your membership will be calculated from the expiration date, not the date you renew.  For example, your membership expires December 31st and you renew October 15th. Your renewal membership will begin on January 1st of the following year, not October 16th of this year.  Therefore you don't "lose" membership days by renewing early.

Navigate to the Membership Page

Once you've signed in you'll need to navigate to the Membership page by any of the following methods -

  • Click on the Membership Info (Renew!) link from the My Profile box on the homepage (shown above)
  • Click here for the Membership page
  • Navigate to the Membership page as follows -
    1. Profile (very top of every page)
    2. Quick Links (in blue menu bar)
    3. Membership Renewal

When you land on the Membership page you'll see a link to Securely renew your membership now >> (shown below)

Membership Dues Page

After clicking the Securely renew your membership now link, you'll land on the Membership Dues page (shown below).  Here you will choose your membership and  your chapter will automatically renew.

  • Your choice of renewal memberships will depend upon your current membership, therefore your choices may be different than what's shown below


After you've made your membership selection complete your payment information and checkout.

Contact Us

If you encounter any difficulty renewing your membership, please contact our member services team.  We would be glad to assist.


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