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Employee Sub-accounts

Organizations who join ASCP with a Business or Corporate membership will also receive a corresponding number of "seats" (employee Sub-accounts) with their membership.  For example, a Business could purchase a membership with 10 seats and 10 of their employees would receive membership in ASCP under the business account. 

In order to add employee Sub-accounts you would first purchase your organization membership. Then after your organization account is established you would add employee Sub-accounts. To see how many seats your organization has available, sign in and navigate to the Sub-accounts page by following the instructions below.   

  1. Sign in to the website
  2. You should land on the Profile page.  If you didn't land on the Profile page -

    • Go to the homepage
    • Scroll down to the MY PROFILE box
    • Click on Manage Profile

  3. From the Profile page, click on Information & Settings (left side)
  4. Click on Sub-accounts (top of page next to Preferences)

There are 3 methods for adding Sub-accounts and you may choose the method that works best in your situation

When you send an invitation to your employee, the employee will receive an e-mail with a click-back link to register.  The employee will complete their profile information - name, address, username, password, etc.  This is the preferred method because it's quick and easy for the organization, and the employee is responsible for completing their profile.

  • Enter the employee's e-mail address in the Invite New Members dialogue box
  • Click Send Invite
  • The website will send and invitation e-mail to your employees with a click-back link to register

This method is essentially the same as method 1 above.  The difference being that the employee will click on a hyperlink in an e-mail that the employer sends, rather than an e-mail originating from ASCP's website.

  • Copy the hyperlink under Your Sub-accounts Direct Link
  • E-mail the hyperlink to your employees
  • Your employees will click on the hyperlink to register

An organization has the option of completing the employee's profile information for them. You would need to know all of the employee's information such as name, address, username, password, etc.  After you create the employee's profile you'll need to forward them their sign in credentials.

  • Click on Create Sub-accounts
  • Enter your employee's profile information
  • Notify your employee of their username and/or password so that they can sign in
  • You also have the option of instructing your employees to reset their password prior to signing in. That way you won't need to e-mail their username and password.
  • Password reset instructions are posted on this page

There is a second method for manually creating Sub-accounts.

Click on Activate all available seats and you can create multiple employee accounts at the same time.



When an employee receives an invitation e-mail (method 1) or clicks on the registration hyperlink (method 2) they will land on a screen with 2 registration options.

  1. Establish their ASCP member account and Join a Chapter.  The employee is responsible for paying their own chapter fee at checkout. In most cases the organization will not pay chapter dues on behalf of the employee, therefore the employee would choose this option to join a chapter.

  2. Establish their ASCP member account and do not Join and Chapter. The employee will complete registration at no charge and they will not be directed to a checkout screen. If the organization has already paid chapter dues for the employee, or the employee chooses not to join a chapter, then they would select this option.

If you encounter any difficulty, please contact our member services team.  We would be glad to assist.

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