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A coalition of Pharmacy groups, including ASCP worked to introduce legislation that would allow pharmacists to practice at the top of their license and bill Medicare Part B for services. In the 115th Congress, those bills are H.R. 592, which coincidentally has the same bill number as Provider Status did in the 114th Congress, and S.109. 

Congress is currently working on bipartisan legislation to combat the growing opioid crisis in this country. As you know, pharmacists can play an important role in this battle. Pharmacists can help fight against the opioid epidemic by managing and optimizing the impact of medications, reviewing medications to tailor care plans to patient needs, providing recommendations for non-opioid pain management alternatives, and educating patients regarding opioids. Additionally, as an accessible member of the health care team, pharmacists can help coordinate care, provide treatment options and feedback to patients and other providers, and flag concerns with the appropriate members of the care team.

Now is the perfect time to remind members of Congress the important role that pharmacists can play in combating this crisis, if they were recognized under Medicare Part B as part of the health care team.


The Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act was reintroduced in the Senate as S.109 and the House as H.R. 592. Each bill was introduced early in the legislative session with a large number of cosponsors. Cosponsors for each bill and other official information is available at the following links: H.R.592 and S.109


ASCP is a member of the Patient Access to Pharmacists' Care Coalition PAPCC, which is a coalition of groups dedicated to passing provider status.

ASCP has a Policy Statement on The Role of the Consultant Pharmacist in Preventing and Detecting Diversion of Controlled Substances in Nursing Facilities. (PDF)

ASCP joined with six other pharmacy associations in writing to the House Energy & Commerce Committee Hearing in October 2017, a Statement For The Record (PDF), asking them to consider the important role that pharmacists can play in addressing the opioid abuse crisis in this country.

Action Center

Tell your Representatives and Senators to sign-on to H.R.592 and S.109 at ASCP's action center.

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