The Senior Care Pharmacist


February 2020 | Volume 35 | Number 2

Just Because We Can Does Not Mean We Should

Though a medication might well produce a therapeutic effect that addresses a specific syndrome or symptom, it is not always the case that the use of a drug will be the most appropriate intervention.

Medication Regimen Complexity Index

This complexity index could be used in clinical practice to more accurately target patients who would benefit from intensive pharmaceutical care service such as medication therapy management.

The Big 5-0: Highlights From ASCP’s 50th Annual Meeting & Exhibition

ASCP’s 2019 Annual Meeting & Exhibition marked an historic moment – the Society’s 50th annual conference. From the thought-provoking keynotes, brand-reveal announcement, and VIP experiences, ASCP’s 50th Annual Meeting & Exhibition was an exceptional event. More than 1,100 attendees convened in Grapevine, Texas, for #ASCP50. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite highlights from this year’s meeting.

Social Determinants of Health: How Environmental Factors Affect Health

Addressing the social determinants of health—poverty, food insecurity, health literacy, neighborhoods, and the environment—are essential if we are to improve individuals’ overall health.

Highlights From the 2019 American Geriatrics Society Beers Criteria

Using the criteria to prescribe medications has played a critical role in reducing inappropriate medication usage in older patients. Therefore, clinicians as well as educators continue to look forward to the additions, deletions, and updates to the criteria.

Medication Management: A Hypertensive Crisis During a Home Visit

A 72-year-old woman living in a rural town in Eastern Washington state was referred for a pharmacist home visit. The patient was then sent to an emergency department after determining her blood pressure met criteria for hypertensive crisis.

Medication Regimen Complexity in Patients Receiving Consultant Pharmacy Services in Home Health Care

To evaluate a potential need for pharmacists in home health care (HHC), this project documented the medication complexity of patients seen by an established HHC consultant pharmacist service.

Factors Associated With a Higher Risk of Undiagnosed Prediabetes in a Community-Dwelling Medicare Population

Identifying older patients at higher risk for undiagnosed prediabetes through the use of appropriate screening tools allows for targeted preventative interventions, potentially lowering risk of developing type 2 diabetes for selected patients.

Assessing Patients’ Salient Beliefs to Improve Annual Wellness Visit Health Outcomes

Perceived barriers to adopting behavior recommendations in a personal prevention plan may be amenable through focused pharmacists’ health education and promotion strategies.

The Pharmacy Battle for 2020

The Medicare Part D program includes a requirement that plan sponsors provide enrollees with transparency surrounding the projected cost of the drugs covered by the plan.


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