ASCP Policy Statements & Guidelines

ASCP policy and position statements are intended to:

  • Provide guidance to practitioners who work with older adults in various practice settings.
  • Educate policy makers, regulators and health care professionals regarding pertinent pharmacist-based services for older adults.
  • Promote the advancement and roles of pharmacists in various aspects of medication use in older adults.
  • Support advocacy efforts of ASCP and its members. All policy and position statements are approved by the ASCP Board of Directors.

Click here to view our Policy Overview Document, which describes the specific content and requirements of each type of document: policy statements, position statements, and guidance documents.

ASCP Policy Statements & Guidelines

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
ASCP Position Statement: Admission Medication [Dru PDF (337.46 KB) Administration 8/22/2019
Guidelines for aMRR PDF (494.36 KB) Administration 8/22/2019
Antipsychotic Medications in Nursing Facilities PDF (404.68 KB) Administration 1/31/2018
Consultant Pharmacists & Controlled Substances PDF (337.78 KB) Administration 1/31/2018
Consultant Pharmacist in Resident Assessment PDF (355.55 KB) Administration 1/31/2018
Statement on the Interdisciplinary Team PDF (427.18 KB) Administration 10/31/2017
Statement on Pharmaceutical Care PDF (439.47 KB) Administration 10/31/2017
Statement on the Pharmacist in Patient Advocacy PDF (425.49 KB) Administration 10/31/2017
Quality Standards and Practice Principles PDF (350.25 KB) Administration 10/31/2017
ASCP Alignment of Standards Policy Statement PDF (255.54 KB) Administration 10/31/2017
Transitions of Care Position Statement PDF (115.71 KB) Administration 10/11/2017
Diagnosing Schizophrenia in SNFs PDF (212.07 KB) Administration 10/13/2017
Antimicrobial Stewardship – Role of Pharmacist PDF (3.1 MB) Administration 10/4/2017

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