ASCP's Virtual Pharmacy Network

Are you looking to use your senior care consulting pharmacy skills as an independent practitioner? ASCP’s Virtual Pharmacy Network (VPN) gives senior care pharmacists the opportunity to validate their credentials to ensure they meet general employment requirements and have completed HIPAA and Fraud Waste and Abuse training requirements to gain access to ASCP’s exclusive opportunities and connections which will lead to contract opportunities for Business to Business working relationships.

The VPN starts with credential verification that alerts consumers and providers of health services that:

  • You have a current license to practice pharmacy in the states you are licensed.
  • You have passed a criminal background check.
  • You have completed HIPAA and fraud waste and abuse training as required for Medicare participation.
  • You have no infringements on the OIG exclusion list.

A list of current collaborators can be viewed here (coming soon).

The VPN is a directory of credentialed consultant pharmacists whose credentials have been verified and are ready to provide services.

Becoming a member of the VPN is easy: simply join the network OR upgrade your ASCP membership to include the Virtual Pharmacy Network.

To join, please contact Chad Worz.

Once you join or upgrade your ASCP membership, ASCP will connect you with its credentialing collaborators to verify the following:

  • Annual Criminal Background Check
  • Annual Pharmacist License Verification
  • Annual Access and documentation of your HIPAA and fraud waste and abuse training as required for Medicare participation
  • Monthly OIG exclusion list check

Once your credentials have been verified, you will be part of the VPN!

In addition to all Active Member benefits of ASCP, VPN members enjoy the following benefits:


Once you are part of the VPN, you will be listed on ASCP’s online VPN database, so payors and providers of health care services can search for you. You will also be given an icon to use in your signature line and on your website to direct interested parties to the database to verify you are a VPN member in good standing.


VPN membership includes a complimentary listing on the ASCP Foundation’s Senior Care Pharmacist Directory.

The directory will allow seniors, caregivers, and health care service providers to search by state for a senior care pharmacist. We recommend adding a note in your public profile that says you have been VPN verified.


VPN members will be eligible to participate with ASCP collaborators who provide a platform to expand your clinical services. A list of current collaborators and the opportunities they offer can be viewed here (coming soon).


ASCP will also advertise your services to additional potential employers. ASCP will make a list of all VPN members in good standing who meet the verification criteria available to payors— businesses or consumers—interested in retaining your services.

Any person applying for, and included in the Virtual Pharmacist Network agrees to:

  • Pay all fees required to apply for, and be included and remain in, the VPN, with the understanding that no fees are refunded if an application is denied or certified status revoked.
  • Warrant that the information provided in the application for inclusion in the VPN will be truthful and complete.
  • Notify ASCP if there is any change in status or any new development that may result in failure to comply.
  • Cooperate with ASCP and third parties contracted by ASCP in compliance verification (background checks, confirmation of necessary licenses, etc.).
  • Authorize their name, contact information, and other personal and professional data to be included in the Directory and such other places ASCP determines in its discretion, and to be made available, including for financial consideration, to such persons and in such manner as ASCP determines.
  • Release and agree not to sue, ASCP, its officers, directors, members, employees, and contractors, and hold all such persons harmless, from and against any claims, demands, causes of action, and lawsuits related to the VPN, including the application process, and exclusion or removal from the VPN.

If you have questions about the Virtual Pharmacy Network, or would like to join, please contact Bri Palowitch.

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