2020 Geriatric Pharmacist Boot Camp

Registration for the 2020 Geriatric Pharmacist Boot Camp is now open. Join us in National Harbor, MD for your chance to earn up to 20 BCGP recertification and/or CPE credits. Learn more at ascp.com/bootcamp.

The Senior Care Pharmacist Newsletter

Check out the very first issue of The Senior Care Pharmacist newsletter right here.

3 Changes to The Senior Care Pharmacist You Need to Know About

With the start of 2020, ASCP welcomes three major changes to The Senior Care Pharmacist, the peer-reviewed scholarly publication of ASCP and the only journal dedicated exclusively to the medication therapy needs of older adults. Beginning this month, we will publish exclusively online. Readers may access the journal at ascp.com/journal. To read more about the changes to the journal, click here.

We love our new brand!

We know that our world that is driven by the digital and the visual, and how an organization presents itself to its members and other audiences is essential for establishing a lasting relationship. We set out to explore a creative new way of expressing ASCP’s mission visually, in a way that would be meaningful and memorable. Our goal was to ensure the outward expression of our brand matches the value we deliver to our membership, and that it represented the care our members deliver to older adults. Visit ascp.com/2020 to check out the new ASCP branding.

Senior Care Pharmacy Business Certificate Program

ASCP’s Business and Entrepreneurship in Senior Care Pharmacy Certificate (BESCPC) is 5-part longitudinal course series that encompass the basics of senior care pharmacy, and the business, operational and entrepreneurial aspects of starting a senior care pharmacy business. Learn more today at ascp.com/bescpc.

Pharmacy Law Seminar Series

Are you a pharmacist-attorney or a student of pharmacy or law interested in the law as it applies to senior care pharmacy, pharmacists, and the specific medication-related needs of older adults? ASCP is committed to providing educational opportunities for senior care pharmacists, attorneys, and others who are interested in senior care pharmacy law. Check out ascp.com/pharmacylaw for more information.

$12/month BCGP Recertification

ASCP’s prestigious Senior Care Seminar Series is a series of advanced clinical webinars on the treatment and monitoring of medication needs in older adults, regardless of practice setting. BCGP recertification credit is offered for all Senior Care Seminar Series webinars. BCGP webinars are $12 per month for ASCP Members.


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