Geriatrics 101 V:2.0

New to medication management for older adults? Know someone who is changing careers? Engage in this comprehensive online course to understand how to assess and monitor medication therapy in older adults while earning up to 8 hours of CPE credit.

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This program was supported in part due to a generous grant from the ASCP Foundation.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Front line pharmacists and pharmacies are ready to help combat this pandemic. ASCP will give you the latest information and guidance to help you stay on top of the information overload and get your facts from a trusted source.

To not clog your inbox, we recommend you check ascp.com/disaster daily to see what ASCP is currently working on. This page will have links to ASCP’s Coronavirus Resources, including sample guidelines and guidance, sample policy and procedure documents, and webinar recordings. Member login may be required to access some resources.

ASCP Swag Store

NEW! ASCP has opened a new merchandise store at ASCP.com/swagstore. Check out the swag and show your ASCP pride. By purchasing products from the official ASCP Swag Store, not only will you inspire others, but you will help raise funds for the ASCP Foundation, as a portion of proceeds from all sales support the ASCP Foundation.

Career Development Resources

Career development is essential if you want to gain maximum success and happiness from the hours you invest in work. Make the most of your professional career path! ASCP has created a new webpage, ascp.com/careerdevelopment, where you can access resources to help you prepare for a productive and effective job search and/or enhance your career development efforts. (Member login required.)

ASCP Central

Visit ASCP Central to learn more about ASCP's history, rebranding, and more. Plus, visit our NEW Swag Store to purchase ASCP merchandise like mugs, shirts, and more. A portion of the proceeds benefits the ASCP Foundation.

The Senior Care Pharmacist

The May issue of ASCP's new bi-monthly newsletter is out, as well as the May issue of the journal. Both can be viewed at ASCP.com/journal.

BCGP Recertification

ASCP’s prestigious BCGP Recertification Webinar Series is a series of advanced clinical webinars on the treatment and monitoring of medication needs in older adults, regardless of practice setting. BCGP recertification and CPE credits are offered for all BCGP webinars. BCGP webinars are $12 per month for ASCP Members.


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