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WHO WE ARE: Empowering Pharmacists. Transforming Aging.

ASCP is a membership association that represents pharmacists, health care professionals, and students serving the unique medication needs of older adults. ASCP is an international organization with members located in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and 12 countries. The society’s mission is to promote healthy aging by empowering pharmacists with education, resources, and innovative opportunities.

Founded in 1969, ASCP is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization based in Alexandria, Virginia. The ASCP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; its purpose is to carry out the charitable – including scientific, literary, and educational – purposes of ASCP.

The ASCP Bylaws provide for 13 members on the Board of Directors: 4 officers (president, chairman of the board, president-elect, and secretary-treasurer) and 9 additional directors (1 elected from each of ASCP’s 8 regions listed below, and 1 at-large director). In addition, the Executive Director/CEO serves as an ex officio, non-voting member of the Board. Each officer serves a one-year term. Each officer must have been a director-member of the Board for a minimum of one 3-year term before running for an officer position. Each director serves a 3-year term and elections are staggered, such that 3 director positions are elected annually. Each director may be re-elected to no more than two consecutive terms as director. Directors are strongly encouraged to run for an officer position, since being a director is a prerequisite for being an officer.


ASCP Regions

Region A - Northeast Region B – Mid Atlantic Region C – Midwest Region D – Southeast Region E – North Central Region F – South Central Region G – Southwest Region H – Northwest
Maine Pennsylvania Michigan Tennessee North Dakota Texas California Idaho
Vermont Delaware Illinois South Carolina South Dakota New Mexico Nevada Montana
New Hampshire Maryland Indiana Florida Nebraska Oklahoma Utah Oregon
Connecticut West Virginia Ohio Georgia Kansas Arkansas Colorado Washington
New York Virginia Kentucky Alabama Missouri Louisiana Arizona Wyoming
Rhode Island North Carolina
Mississippi Iowa
New Jersey Washington DC






Canada (east of the Manitoba border)
            Canada (west of the Manitoba border) 
 All other countries not listed in regions A, G, or H

CEO / Executive Director
Chad Worz

Chairman of the Board
Joanne Hirshfield

Kevin Fearon

Lisa M. Morris

Rolf Schrader
Rob Leffler

Dana Saffel

Joe Litsey

Diana Quach

Addi Peluso
Stephanie Hernandez

Deborah Milito

Gregory Milanich

Jason Sutton

Terri Fagan

The Council of Presidents consists of all past and present presidential officers of ASCP and serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and the Society. The Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Directors serves as the Chair of the Council of Presidents.

Joanne Hirshfield

Chad Worz

Joe Marek

Nicki Brandt

Sharon Clackum

Jeffrey C. Delafuente

Sean Jeffery

Penny Shelton

Albert Barber

Shelly Spiro

Judy Beizer

Lee Meyer

Joseph Gruber

Robert Miller*

Diane Crutchfield

Ross Brickley

Steve Feldman

Mark Sey

William Simonson

Dianne Tobias

David Kazarian

Jan Allen

Ralph Kalies

Brian Kahan

Lynn Connor

Tim Bien

Herb Langsam*

Scott Carruthers

Charles Maples

Nelson Showalter

Jack Sassone*

Elliott Tertes

Steve Adams

Arnold Cammeyer

Tom Snader

Rolf Schrader

Steve Loevner

Jerome Fine

Milton Moskowitz

Mark Abrams

Al Odell

Robert Hayes*

Larry Neimerow*

Jack Machbitz

John Kaufman*

Allan Kratz*

Richard Berman*

* deceased

Director of Program Development and Association Relations

Position Description:

The Director of Program Development and Association Relations leads the development and repurposing of programs and products through partnerships, original content development and has oversight of existing products and services that include: MED-PASS materials, toolkits and the Senior Care Pharmacist Directory. This position will lead the enhancement of the Virtual Pharmacy Network which will include the creation of a comprehensive resource for senior care pharmacists to fulfill employment requirements such as HIPAA and Fraud Waste and Abuse training as well as additional support resources. This position also conducts GAP Analysis for ACPE activities and ASCP content.

The Director is also responsible for managing existing networks and maintaining collaborative relationships with industry groups and organizations to support practice improvement for senior care pharmacists. This includes assisting with legislative and regulatory responses, supporting initiatives related to senior care and facilitating ASCP member questions on a wide range of issues and knowledge needs. Working in collaboration with the education and membership team, the director works across ASCP to aid in developing the content plan for educational programs for the year, source speakers and SME’s.

Essential Duties:

  • Serves as liaison between industry committee and coalition groups; identifies collaborative opportunities for program development and initiatives;
  • Develops mechanisms to amplify information and knowledge sharing among ASCP members;
  • Identifies key content for program development with recommendations on potential subject matter experts as contributors;
  • Manages committees to develop content and programs for ASCP to be delivered through a variety of channels;
  • Manages existing and develops new products and services through ASCP and outsourced contractors;
  • Collaborates across the organization to manage projects and seek input and support;
  • Engages with ASCP members to facilitate actionable answers to common and ‘new’ questions and needs;
  • Assists with legislative and regulatory responses;
  • Supports the education departments overall programs and initiatives as needed. (other duties as assigned)


  • Strong advocacy and coalition building skills.
  • Strong advocacy skills and experience in government relations.
  • Ability to credibly represent ASCP in dealing with government agencies, members, coalitions, and other societies.
  • Demonstrated project management and volunteer management expertise
  • Strong written/verbal communication, organizational and analytical skills.
  • Ability to synthesize information and translate into application focused solutions.
  • Ability to credibly represent ASCP in dealing with government agencies, members, coalitions, and other societies.
  • Ability to collaborate across departments and support the goals of the organization.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, specifically in Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point and project management software such as Trello.

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume and coverletter to soswald@ascp.com.


Promote healthy aging by empowering pharmacists with education, resources, and innovative opportunities.


Recognized expert providers of medication management. Improving the lives of older adults.


In their role as medication therapy experts, consultant and senior care pharmacists:

  • Hold their patients' interest above all others
  • Take responsibility for their patients’ medication-related needs
  • Ensure that their patients’ medications are the most appropriate, the most effective, the safest possible, and are used correctly
  • Identify, resolve, and prevent medication-related problems that may interfere with the goals of therapy

Strategic Plan

ASCP's Board of Directors and staff have established three strategic priority areas and goals for the Society from 2019-2021.

2019-2020 ASCP Strategic Plan.

  1. Read the ASCP Code of Ethics (PDF).
  2. Read the ASCP Bylaws.

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